• Dr Taha Akhtar is not my personal doctor , she is just like my family doctor . I consult her when I had severe low blood pressure, 60/40 . And because of this issue I started fumbling and another issue, like vitamin deficiencies. Dr Taha Akhter diagnosed the causes of my Lowblood pressure and other issues and treated me very well . Alhamdulliah I am getting better now . Even because some of my personal issues I have moved to Karachi, but she is still taking personal interest about my health . Great doctor , very humble . God bless her always . Ameen Sadaf khan
    Sadaf Khan Treated for 2 weeks
  • Dr. Taha Akhtar is one of the rare medical practitioner, whom I found highly professional, pinpoints the medical issues. She is my family doctor. I had a couple of medical issues that were successfully treated by her. Also, my lungs were badly affected due to COVID-19 while both swab tests conducted were negative. She still confidently diagnosed as COVID-19. Her immediate prescription and guidance enabled me to recover from the deadly pandemic. She is very caring and was in close contact with me and advised me even during odd hours. I highly recommend Dr. Taha Akhtar for medical consultation. Thanks, Dr. Taha for all that you did for my fast recovery.

    Muhammad Aftab Khan Visitor
  • On line consultation with Dr. Taha Akhter was great - A very thorough doctor who gave full time to the patient in understanding their problem & giving detailed advice on the treatment & precautions -

    Intikhab Syed X Patient
  • She nicely explained me about my disease and good thing was that...she answered all my queries. Very satisfied and best of luck Dr. Taha for working as a physician in Pakistan. Pakistan needs good doctors like you.
    Fariha Ahmad
  • The doctor gives full time to the patient in understanding their problem & giving detailed advice on the treatment & precautions.

    MUHAMMAD NOMAN visitor
  • Last week I consulted her at Shifa Medical Center. She is experienced and dedicated professional and fully capable of handling complicated cases.
    Buland Siddiqi
  • Easily the best and most helpful Rheumatologist and medical specialist in Islamabad. She is extremely professional. Me and my parents were under her treatment when we had Covid19. She used to ask for an update on a daily basis and was extremely helpful. She also treats my mother as she has Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me and my family. May Allah bless her always.
    Muhammad Adil Khan